Awareness Schemes

Nukkad Natak
  • Nukkar Natak- For fulfilling our mission of spreading education. We need to spread awareness and need a huge workforce to teach the children and management staff also, this is done with the help of organizing various programmes such as Nukkad Natak on education and on other social issues in various colleges and public places to promote ourselves and make understand our work to all and give them a chance to join. We had already organized various nukkads in different colleges in nearby areas.
Public Meeting
  • Public meetings- For supporting the increasing number of camps and our approach. We need more donations and the dedicated members who can give their valuable time for a cause this is achieved with the help of preplanned public meeting to gather the interested ones to be the part of our family. These meetings are arranged regularly to welcome the commence of newcomers and provide more interaction of all members and spread awareness about our work to all. These also provide the means to make modification and the new techniques to improve our performance.
Orientation Program
  • Orientation Programs- Orientation Programs are held in different colleges to aware the youth about existing issues in the country which could only be solved by eradicating poverty and increasing literacy. That is the main objective of this organization and we always try to work in that direction