In our country, different awareness programmes are being run by Government, NGO’s, Constitutional body regarding health, hygiene, pollution, cleanliness and yes, it has played major setback in today’s world making people aware of each and every activities being focused in country and their problems, cure and precautions. But the bitter truth is that these awareness programmes are just prevalent in urban area, metropolitan areas. Rural people still faces huge problems due to lack of knowledge of awareness themes making their health worsened day by day to day leading to loss of life and property. Major problems lying in rural and slum areas are health status making their condition worse leading to greater number of death in coming years.

Health Awareness on camp

SSF also provides feedback about proper health care to old age, children and women of the slum area people. A large number of lives from rural areas of India are still not aware about issues related to menstruation and maintaining personal hygiene during this period as they don’t get proper platform to discuss. Every Sunday, we give proper guidance about sanitation. Clean drinking water and their importance to life. Thereby, SSF takes proper care of guiding slum people regarding menstrual hygiene, sanitation, promotion of sanitary napkins instead of traditional method, Heart and lungs diseases, their precaution and cure, consuming tobacco and their harmful effects. SSF believes in power of yoga and music. Hence, we keep teaching our children about important of yoga and create awareness amongst them about proper health care steps.