One main motive behind this work is to educate these children and empower them for a brighter future. This can not be achieved by only teaching them daily, they would need an educational qualification certified degree. So with this mission, we on our level educate the children from our camps to the schools. We help them by paying their fees, buying uniform and other related expenses. Moreover for other kids on the camp who are not going to the schools we provide them with stationary.

Along with these basic requirements we celebrate festivals and organise an event “Protsahan Samman Samarah”to felicitate these children. All these expenses can not be covered solely by us, So we raise funds. We conduct annual donation drive so that we can get enough amount of financial support. The donation can be in the form of money or stationary. 

Few people after knowing about our work adopt kids for education. Here we mean that they are ready to take up financial responsibility of these kids throughout their education.
We conduct this donation drive is our colleges, colleagues, neighbours ,family members ,and teachers.
We have admitted 25 children in the school and money that we collect from the donation is used for paying this fees ,buy them uniform & other related stationaries. Along with these we have approximately more then 700 children in our camps. We provide them with basic stationary.

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We celebrate festivals with them at our NGO is the annual sports meet and “Protsahan Samman Samarah” thus for such big events we used these donations.
We have maintained complete transparency in our work.all the other details of the donations ,everything we used to upload an our facebook pages. moreover our monthly expenses are also uploaded on our that everyone can keep a check on our work.


Present School Fees Expenditure